Feb12th - Venezuelans come out to protest

On Feb 12th, 2014 the Venezuelan people took to the streets to exercise their right to protest against an oppressive government that has consistently failed to meet even the most basic needs of it's citizens like security, access to food and medicine, and freedom of speech.

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Immediately, the violent repression begins.

The government responded to the peaceful protests by deploying the Bolivarian National Guard and other Venezuelan security forces to violently silence protesters no matter the cost.

Since Feb 12th, over 30 innocent people have been killed at the hands of the government.

As of March 21st, according to the NGO Foro Penal Venezolano, 22 protesters have lost their lives at the hands of government forces.

And many more have been wounded or imprisoned without due process.

According to the NGO Foro Penal Venezolano, as of March 20th there had been over one thousand arrests, many without due process, and over 150 wounded from gunfire and other means of violent repression.

On February 18th, the leader of the opposition was arrested without cause.

Among those arrested in relation to the protests was opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who turned himself in February 18th after days of persecution.

Leopoldo was publicly hand-picked for arrest by many high-ranking government officials, and many others members of his political party, Voluntad Popular, are currently being persecuted purely for political reasons.

More information about Leopoldo’s arrest at www.freeleopoldo.com.

Venezuela is in real trouble.

We are facing an increasingly violent government that portrays itself as a “democracy“ when it’s citizens have no real way of effecting change. 
Our only means of resistance is to protest in the streets hoping the government responds to our pleas. 

Please help us share our story.

Because of the government's complete control of local media and international smear campaings against the opposition, we have no way to properly broadcast our message. Do not let the Venezuelan government silence the Venezuelan people, please share this website so the world knows what’s really going on.

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